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    General Chinese Course-Level Description
    Elementary Chinese Course (3 levels):
    You will learn Chinese phonetics, tones, basic words, grammar and sentence structure. Understand simple messages, instructions and directions. You will be able to talk about everyday activities and use basic grammar constructions.
    Lower Intermediate Chinese Course(3 levels)
    Carefully selected topics allow you to quickly improve your spoken Chinese by focusing on vocabulary, grammatical skills and sentence structure.

    Intermediate Chinese Course(2 levels)
    Explore the cultural differences between China and your home country in the classroom. A deeper understanding of the culture will rapidly improve your understanding of how Chinese is used in real life.

    Upper Intermediate Chinese Course (2 levels)
    Getting better on fluency Chinese. Gaining skills and knowledge through the interactive classes, you will be able to process conversation without translating back to your mother language in mind first.
    Advanced Chinese Course(2 levels)
    Make extraordinary progress in your listening, reading, speaking and especially writing, with a verity of materials like newspaper, modern Chinese prose etc. It helps you cross the language and cultural barriers so that you would be able to converse on wide range of topics.

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