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5 Tips to Learn Chinese Fast
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Learn Chinese Fast Tip 1: Find a Chinese Language Program
If you want to learn Chinese fast, it is very necessary to find a Chinese language Program that suits you, especially for those students start from zero. To learn Chinese, it's better to start with Pinyin, Pinyin is like the phonetic symbol in English, it's the basic knowledge you need to learn. There's short term Chinese language program in almost every university, and usually the timetable is very flexible, which means you can apply the program anytime. 

Learn Chinese Fast Tip 2: Make a Study Plan
Nobody can learn a language in one day, it's better to take one step at a day. So I suggest you to make a study plan, if you can spend 30 minutes on Chinese language everyday, after 3 months, your Chinese will be a lot better.

Learn Chinese Fast Tip 3: Find the Connections Between Characters.
If you learn Chinese characters one by one, of course it will be slow.  Our brain recalls information by generating connections, for example, if you know the character 美 (which means beautiful) and the character 女 (which means female), together you obtain the word 美女, which means beautiful girl. If you can find the connections between Chinese characters, you will be able to learn Chinese fast.

Learn Chinese Fast Tip 4: Watch Chinese TV Show
Many Chinese people learn English by watching American and English TV show, and it actually works. Therefore, I suggest international students who want to learn Chinese fast do the same thing, watch Chinese TV show. You can start by watching TV series with Chinese subtitle like " Three Kingdoms" and "Journey to the West". After a while, you can watch it again without subtitle.

Learn Chinese Fast Tip 5: Make Friends with Chinese People
Practice makes perfect! The best way to learn Chinese fast is open your mouth, talk to Chinese people, don't worry that we can't understand you, it's just like how you can understand our Chinglish, we can understand your Englishese too. You can find lots of Chinese people want to learn English online, make friends with them, then you will be able to help each other. Also i suggest you to talk with old people in the park, usually these old people are retired, so they have lots of time and patience to teach you.
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