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Maybe It’s Time For A Change Of Scenery…
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Maybe It’s Time For A Change Of Scenery…


Almost 10 years ago, I set my foot in Paris, France, the aim was to finish my bachelor’s and master’s degrees. But unintentionally, it was actually a change-of-scenery that changed my life.


Before I got to Paris, I was quite unhappy, mainly with pressure within family and the Chinese education system that judges everything of you by a score you got from doing multiple choices on a piece of paper. So I talked with my parents and embarked on this journey to Europe alone.


Life in Paris really changed me. First thing to hit me was the abundant information I receive everyday, everything happened so quickly and orderly. You feel you’re in good hands, and you feel the freedom to create, to be who you want to be. But most importantly, it was the changes that changed me. Everything was so different from what I saw and knew back in China, I felt like being on a clean slate, and starting something fresh. I spent 5 years, happily finishing my studies, making new friends, and taking in endless French countryside.


Maybe you, who are reading this article, is in need of a change of scenery like I was. To experience something completely different can be exciting and scary, but as long as you are willing to enjoy your surroundings, and be happy with who you are, you’ll find this change of scenery very rewarding.


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